The maintenance of the car's brake system

The maintenance of the brake system

The brake system is very important for the safety of automobile driving. However, the maintenance of the braking system is often ignored by drivers. The brake system doesn't work normally until it is overhauled. This is likely to lead to brake failure due to sudden failure, resulting in great disaster. Therefore, only regular maintenance of the braking system can ensure the normal operation of the braking system and driving safety. The braking system of cars and small trucks mainly uses brake oil to transmit braking force. Regardless of any braking system, the braking effect is finally completed by the brake pad (disc) or brake shoe (drum). Therefore, regularly check the thickness of brake pads or brake shoes.

When the brake system is found that its thickness is close to or less than the minimum thickness specified by the manufacturer, it shall be replaced immediately. While checking the brake pad, check the wear of the brake disc or brake drum. If there are dents on the contact surface, the optical disc or drum shall be checked in time to ensure the contact area with the brake pad and improve the braking force.

For vehicles with oil braking, check the level of brake oil before driving. If the oil level drops, immediately check whether there is leakage in the brake oil circuit. Because the brake oil absorbs moisture in the air, it will fail over a long period of time. Change the brake oil regularly according to the manufacturer's regulations. It is best to replace it once a year.